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Cancun Anesthesia Seminar

March 17 - 24, 2018 at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun, Mexico

Holiday Seminars does not accept any funds from commercial interests and no one involved in the planning or choice of presentations has any commercial interests.  All members of the faculty are evaluated in advance and in the opinion of Holiday Seminars have no commercial ties to ensure that the presentations are free from any bias from commercial interests.

Lecture Schedule

Sunday, March 18
5:30 PM    Welcome Reception for Attendee and Spouse/Guest
Monday, March 19
7:30 AM Dr. Schell Perioperative Care of Patients with Valvular Heart Disease for Non-Cardiac Anesthesia
8:30 AM Dr. Gan Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting: What's New?
9:45 AM Dr. Domino The ASA Closed Claims Project: Lessons Learned and Current Trends
10:45 AM Dr. Chung Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Are We Sleep Walking Towards Disaster?
11:45 AM Panel Discussion Drs. Chung, Domino, Gan, and Schell
Tuesday, March 20
7:30 AM Dr. Domino Advancing Patient Safety in Anesthesia
8:30 AM Dr. Chung Morbid Obesity and Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome: A Clinical Challenge
9:45 AM Dr. Schell Perioperative Dysrhythmias: Just Three Questions to Diagnosis!
10:45 AM Dr. Domino How to Avoid a Lawsuit: Lessons from the ASA Closed Claims Project
11:45 AM Panel Discussion Drs. Chung, Domino, and Schell
Wednesday, March 21: No Lectures / Day Off. . . A Day to Enjoy Cancun!
Thursday, March 22
7:30 AM Dr. Chung Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: Evidence, Recommendations and Implementation Strategy
8:30 AM Dr. Schell Preoperative Cardiac Conditions and Their Implications
9:45 AM Dr. Gan The Role of Acupuncture in Perioperative Patients
10:45 AM Dr. Domino Anesthesia for Major Spine Surgery
11:45 AM Panel Discussion Drs. Domino, Gan, and Schell
Friday, March 23
7:30 AM Dr. Gan Effective Acute Pain Management Strategies
8:30 AM Dr. Schell Echo to the Rescue
9:45 AM Dr. Domino Perioperative Delirium
10:45 AM Dr. Schell Choosing Inotropes and Vasopressors: A Goal Directed Approach
11:45 AM Panel Discussion Drs. Domino, Gan, and Schell