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Cancun Anesthesia Seminar

March 26 - April 2, 2022 at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun, Mexico


For the Cancun Anesthesia Seminar, the only realistic option is to fly into Cancun. The Ritz-Carlton Resort is about 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport (CUN). Private and semi-private transfers can be arranged through the hotel, or shared shuttles are available upon arrival at the airport. 

U.S. and Canadian Citizens: Passports are now required for all.

Proof of Citizenship Other Nationalities
Contact the Mexican Consulate or airlines serving Mexico for details.
These regulations change periodically. At a minimum, foreign citizens will need a valid passport. Some nationalities are required to obtain a consular visa from the Mexican Consulate.

Traveling into Mexico with Minors
PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED! Any person under 18 years of age is considered a minor. Very strict regulations govern travel by minors into Mexico. Children under 18 years of age traveling as guests of your family need a notarized letter giving permission to travel to Mexico signed by both parents and a passport. If traveling with only one parent, the minor must have a notarized letter of consent signed by the parent not traveling. If traveling with only one parent and the other parent is deceased or the child has only one legal parent, a notarized statement must be obtained as proof.

Mexican Tourist Card
Every one going to Mexico must complete a Mexican tourist card. You will be given cards by the airline and these must be filled out by each member of your party prior to arrival in Cancun. When you arrive in Mexico, your first stop will be Mexican Immigration. Mexican Immigration will inspect your passport and validate your tourist card. KEEP THIS COPY! YOU MUST HAVE IT TO LEAVE MEXICO. Write down your tourist card number and keep it separate from your travel documents. If the card is lost, having the number will help greatly. Be sure to keep your tourist card and passports in a secure place.

10 to 20% of arrivals lose money via scams at the airport! Do not purchase anything at the airport except transfers to your hotel if necessary, and we suggest that you pre-book them through The Ritz-Carlton for ease upon arrival (details will be in the final packet you receive a few weeks prior to the seminar). In past years there have been increasing reports of scams and ripoffs at the airport involving tours, transfers, spa visits, and lodging deals. They will sell you tours, etc. that do not exist or are hooks to snag you into long sales pitches for time shares! Each of the last couple of years, we have several registrants ignore this advice and they lost their money.

There will be people passing out free literature advertising all kinds of things. Two that we look for and use during our trip are "Cancun Tips" and "Cancun Menus".  Just don't let "free" literature lead you into a scam!

After passing through Immigration control, proceed to the baggage carousel and claim your baggage. No porters are allowed in this area but carts are available. Once you have all your bags, go through customs. Inspection of your luggage at Customs is on a random basis. You push a button and if a green light comes on, you pass through without inspection. If a red light comes on, your luggage will be examined. After you clear Customs you will have your choice of many porters to help you move your baggage to the taxis or shuttles.  If you choose to reserve pre-arranged transfers through The Ritz-Carlton, they will be waiting just outside the airport terminal with a logo sign.  Your porter will guide you to where you purchase the vouchers for transportation that is not pre-booked (at the desk just prior to leaving the terminal).  The appropriate tip for baggage would be about $0.50 - 1.00 US per bag. 

2021 Booking Info Below - 2022 Coming Soon!

It is strongly recommended that you pre-arrange your transportation to/from the airport prior to your arrival, rather than doing it at the airport, as this is the most dependable way and will eliminate a lot of hassles (transportation scams are prevalent).  A number of options in different price ranges are available for airport transfers.  Semi-private and private (pre-booked) transfers are available through the Ritz-Carlton (highly recommended); shared shuttles and buses are available at the airport upon your arrival.  Taxis are also available at the airport upon arrival, but should be used as a last resort as prices can be very high and rides can be less dependable. 
Ritz-Carlton Semi-Private & Private Transfers
Semi-private transfers can be pre-booked with The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun's company of choice, Prince Riviera (the transportation department has been moved outside of the hotel temporarily due to covid, but they are using all the same people for this again this year; vans are only shared with other attendees with our group on your same flight).  Their rates are slightly higher than taxis for 3 or more people (less than taxis for 2 people), but this is a very hassle-free option as your transfer will be pre-arranged through a dependable party, they will greet you right outside the airport terminal, you will be taken directly to the Ritz-Carlton without other stops, luggage handling will be seamless upon your arrival at the hotel, and these charges can be billed to your room.  The cost is $25.00/person + 15% gratuity, 1-way, for a minimum of 2 people (this price reflects a 20+% discount offered to Cancun Anesthesia attendees).  The price is higher at $50.00/person + 15% gratuity, 1-way, for only one person in a party.  Private transportation is also available upon request (private Luxury SUV's for 1-4 people for $95/vehicle + 15% gratuity, 1-way).  Transfer reservations must be made at least 3 days prior to your arrival in Cancun.  To book, click on the online link below.  You may also contact Prince Riviera at +52-998-131-9674 or ivan@princeriviera.com

Click Here To Book 2021 Discounted Airport Transfers Online - Including Tours/Excursions Through Prince Riviera

The public buses or taxis are readily available and very good for transportation within the resort zone and Cancun City.  These are our most recommended forms of transportation within the Cancun hotel zone and downtown area (after you've arrived).  

Public Buses
Public buses operate on Paseo Kukulcan (the main drag) between the hotel zone and downtown from 6 am to midnight; the cost is approximately 8.5 pesos per person (it helps to have the correct amount in pesos, as you might not get change from the driver). Buses run very frequently and can save you considerable money on taxis. The buses are frequently crowded; be sure to watch your valuables as you would anywhere in the same situation. We have had no problems on the buses, find them very convenient and use them frequently; many of our attendees also enjoy using the buses each year.

Rental Cars
Rental cars are readily available, but we do not recommend renting a car for your entire stay in Cancun, as it can be more of a hassle than it is worth, and the local buses and taxis are very easy to use.  It is not uncommon for police to pull you over to give you a ticket, then urge you to pay a smaller cash fee to avoid the ticket; other attendees have been frustrated by this occurrence.  If you do want to rent a car, we recommend just doing it for one day when you want to use it for traveling longer distances; this will help decrease your risk of encountering other problems.  Break-ins to rental cars are common, so it is important to not leave anything visible in the car when unattended.  There is a car rental desk at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun.

We only recommend taxis from the airport as a last resort if you have not pre-arranged transportation, as there are many different companies to wade through and the prices can be high (around $69 for 1-4 people, $130+ for 5-8 people, 1-way).  Your porter will guide you to where you purchase the taxi vouchers (at the desk just prior to leaving the terminal).  

Taxis around town are very easy to get and are available from your hotel.  Taxi fees between the hotel zone and downtown are $8 and up; and within the hotel zone $5-$7; to the ferries at Punta Sam or Puerto Juarez they are $15-$20 or more.  All prices depend on the distance. There are published schedules of taxi fees; be sure that you look these over at the resort entrance.  Agree on a fee with your driver in advance.   

Airport Shared Shuttles & Buses
It is strongly recommended that you pre-arrange your shared shuttle prior to arrival in Cancun through a reputable company.  Shared shuttles will leave fairly quickly when the van is full and could make other stops along the way (around $15/person, 1-way).  The least expensive is a large bus, which will not leave until all seats are sold and all baggage loaded, which may be an additional 30 or more minutes.  Your porter will guide you to where you purchase the vouchers for these shuttles and buses if you did not pre-arrange transportation (at the desk just prior to leaving the airport terminal to go outside).