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Updated October 1, 2020:

We know many of you are ready to make plans for this winter, and we want to give you some important updates so you can do that!  We will be holding the meetings on-location this winter so that you can travel to and enjoy the area, but we plan on livestreaming the lectures instead of having you be in the meeting room to keep everyone as safe as possible (you can watch from your hotel room or condo).  Tuition will include food for the lecture sessions, served in re-imagined ways for heightened safety (more details on this will be sent out closer to the meeting time).  There is an outside chance we can have a limited number of people spaced out inside the meeting room (with enforced mask wearing and extra precautions), but that will have to be a last-second decision as we see what the conditions and restrictions are surrounding each meeting; we will certainly update you on this status with details right ahead of the meeting time, and we will err on the side of safety.  In the meantime, you can count on the livestream version of the meeting happening on-location, so you can feel good about making travel plans and reserving lodging.  If you are not comfortable with traveling this year, a livestream-only registration option will be available soon. 

Following are the latest updates and more details for each meeting location:

Aspen/Snowmass: The Aspen Skiing Co. fully anticipates that the mountains will be open this winter for skiing/riding.  The great news is that there are no restrictions on mountain access with our group lift tickets; the only case that could possibly be different is if Ski Co. is forced to move to a mountain reservations system if there is a large spike in cases, but that would apply to all pass/ticket types and they do not anticipate having to do this (they just have to be prepared just in case).  Ikon passes must use a special reservations system, so our group lift tickets are the best bet without this restriction.  Social-distanced tourism has been in full swing in Aspen/Snowmass since July and it's been going well, so the area has lots of practice on how to do it successfully and things are looking good for that to continue this winter.

Maui: Hawaii officially has plans to re-open tourism on Oct. 15!  Currently, travelers will have to show proof of a negative covid test taken no earlier than 72 hours  prior to flight departure (NAAT tests are required from a certified CLIA lab).  We don't yet know if this will still be the case for this winter, but this effort is designed to keep Hawaii safe and being able to stay open.  Our sources from the Hyatt Regency Maui fully anticipate that the hotel will be open for our group this winter.  

Cancun: Cancun has been open to tourists since July, and The Ritz-Carlton is employing many extra safety measures than we're seeing in the States!  We actually recently went to the hotel to scope things out for the meeting, and were very impressed with their covid precautions.  We felt safe throughout the whole travel experience on United (they've installed HEPA filters on the planes), in the airports, in the hotel, and on the beaches of Cancun.


Updated June 20, 2020:

Our main goal is to keep everyone healthy and safe, and our secondary goal is to keep doing what we do best... giving you a place to escape from the everyday while learning from top-notch speakers!  Because we want to make sure your experience is the best we can make it, we have come up with three plans so that we can adapt around Coronavirus circumstances.  While it is too soon to tell which situation we'll be in, we will certainly keep you updated as we get closer.

Plan A: If the meetings can happen like normal, we are implementing new ways to keep you healthy and safe in the meeting room environments.  If you'd rather not attend in the meeting room, but still wish to participate and travel to the area, livestream and video options will be available so that you can watch the lectures from the comfort of your hotel room and still receive credits.  If you don't feel comfortable with traveling this year, but still want to get in on the excellent lectures, a livestream/video-only option will be available soon during registration.

Plan B: If holding the conference in the meeting room is not possible, but travel is possible, we will offer the meeting and credits through a livestream/video format instead, and you can still travel to the area and get the same amazing group discounts with the same exceptional speakers.

Plan C: If traveling is not possible, we will still offer the lectures and credits through a livestream or video format instead, so you can count on getting the education and credits no matter what!

With airline and hotel cancellation policies being very flexible these days, you can make reservations and tentative plans to travel without worry, while still having the flexibility to cancel later on if the need arises.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We want to make sure you feel safe, while still being able to receive the CMEs that you need.  

The Holiday Seminars Team