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Aspen Anesthesia Seminar

February 2 - 9, 2019 at the Viceroy Snowmass Resort 

Holiday Seminars does not accept any funds from commercial interests and no one involved in the planning or choice of presentations has any commercial interests.  All members of the faculty are evaluated in advance and in the opinion of Holiday Seminars have no commercial ties to ensure that the presentations are free from any bias from commercial interests.


To review related physiology, pharmacology, agents and techniques that contribute to the art and science of anesthesiology. To discuss new agents, techniques, and controversies in the field, assisting the participant in preparing better patient care plans.


Sunday, February 3  
4:15-5:15 PM                   Welcome Reception for Attendee and Spouse/Guest
Monday, February 4  
7:00 AM   Dr. Hawkins Things to Consider for the Pregnant Patient Having Non-Obstetric Surgery
8:00 AM Dr. Ramsay Preoperative Evaluation of the Cardiac Patient for Non-Cardiac Surgery
4:30 PM Dr. Sandberg The Future of Anesthesia: What We All Need to Be Worrying About
5:30 PM Dr. Clark What Everyone Should Know About Pediatric Anesthesia
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Gatling, Clark, Hawkins, Ramsay, and Sandberg
Tuesday, February 5  
7:00 AM Dr. Sandberg Ethics in Anesthesiology
8:00 AM Dr. Sandberg Moving the Conversation: Improvement Projects Your Hospital Cares
About and the Ones They Should Care About
4:30 PM Dr. Clark Anesthetic Management of the Pediatric Patient with Coexisting
Cardiac Disease
5:30 PM Dr. Hawkins Management of Obstetric Emergencies
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Gatling, Clark, Hawkins, and Sandberg
Wednesday, February 6  
7:00 AM Dr. Ramsay Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventricular Function: 
Implications for Anesthesia
8:00 AM Dr. Domino Advancing Patient Safety in Anesthesia
4:30 PM Dr. Hawkins Maternal Morbidity and Mortality - Anesthetic Causes
5:30 PM Dr. Ramsay Pacemakers, Implanted Defibrillators and VADs - Oh No!
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Gatling, Domino, Hawkins, and Ramsay
Thursday, February 7  
7:00 AM Dr. Domino The ASA Closed Claims Project: Lessons Learned and Current Trends
8:00 AM Dr. Clark What Anesthesiologists and Anesthetists Can and Cannot Learn from
the Aviation Industry
4:30 PM Dr. Domino How to Avoid a Lawsuit: Lessons from the ASA Closed Claims Project
5:30 PM Dr. Hawkins Anesthetic Management of the Severely Preeclamptic Patient
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Gatling, Clark, Domino, and Hawkins
Friday, February 8  
7:00 AM Dr. Domino Anesthesia for Major Spine Surgery
8:00 AM Dr. Ramsay Aortic Stenosis: Anesthetic Implications