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Maui Anesthesia Seminar

February 25 - March 4, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa


Lecture Schedule

Saturday, February 25 Optional Travel Day
Sunday, February 26
5:30 PM    Welcome Reception for Attendee and Spouse/Guest
Monday, February 27
7:30 AM Dr. McEvoy ERAS and Beyond: What is Now and What is Next in Perioperative Care
8:30 AM Dr. Tsen DPE, CSE, and Epidural Techniques: Is There an Optimal Technique for
Labor Analgesia?
9:45 AM Dr. Wolpaw A Peek into PEEP, FIO2 and Tidal Volume: Personalizing the Vent for Your Patient
10:45 AM   Dr. Kharasch New Drugs in Anesthesia
11:45 AM Dr. Schell   Perioperative Coagulation Optimization: When Should I Use TXA, DDAVP, aVII, and PCCs?
Tuesday, February 28
7:30 AM Dr. Tsen Clinical Conundrums in Obstetric Anesthesia
8:30 AM Dr. Kharasch The Most Important Articles in Anesthesiology 2022
9:45 AM Dr. Wolpaw Evidence-Based Preoperative Assessment: You Might Not Have to Cancel
That Case Afterall
10:45 AM Dr. McEvoy Neuromuscular Blockade, Monitoring, and Reversal: Don't We
Just Need Sugammadex?
11:45 AM Panel Discussion Drs. Schell, Kharasch, McEvoy, Tsen, and Wolpaw 
Wednesday, March 1 No Lectures / Day Off... A Day to Enjoy Maui!
Thursday, March 2
7:30 AM Dr. Wolpaw Management of Patients with Pacemakers and AICDs: More Than Magnets
8:30 AM Dr. Schell Who is Afraid of Pulmonary Hypertension?
9:45 AM Dr. Tsen Real Ways to Reduce Burnout: 5 Mindset Adjustments
The Dr. Bill Smith Lecture Series Presentation
(Spouses and Family Welcome to Join for This Lecture)
10:45 AM Dr. McEvoy Perioperative Blood Pressure Management: Outcomes and Recommendations
11:45 AM Dr. Tsen Reducing Obstetric General Anesthesia: 10 Practical, Tested Tips
Friday, March 3
7:30 AM Dr. Kharasch Perioperative Methadone: The Practical, Opioid-Sparing Opioid
8:30 AM Dr. McEvoy The Impact of Frailty on Perioperative Outcomes: Assessment, Risk, and Management of a Growing Epidemic
9:45 AM Dr. Wolpaw The Lactate is Up, the Bicarb is Down: Is Bicarb the Answer or the Enemy?
10:45 AM Dr. Kharasch Perioperative Opioids, Public Health, and Anesthesiology
11:45 AM Panel Discussion Drs. Kharasch, McEvoy, and Wolpaw
Saturday, March 4 Optional Travel Day

*Please note that the lecture topics and/or schedule may change if necessary.

Holiday Seminars does not accept any funds from commercial interests and no one involved in the planning or choice of presentations has any commercial interests.  All members of the faculty are evaluated in advance and in the opinion of Holiday Seminars have no commercial ties to ensure that the presentations are free from any bias from commercial interests.

Course Objectives

To review related physiology, pharmacology, agents and techniques that contribute to the art and science of anesthesiology. To discuss new agents, techniques, and controversies in the field, assisting the participant in preparing better patient care plans.