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Aspen Anesthesia Seminar

January 30 - February 6, 2021 at the Viceroy Snowmass Resort 

Holiday Seminars does not accept any funds from commercial interests and no one involved in the planning or choice of presentations has any commercial interests.  All members of the faculty are evaluated in advance and in the opinion of Holiday Seminars have no commercial ties to ensure that the presentations are free from any bias from commercial interests.


To review related physiology, pharmacology, agents and techniques that contribute to the art and science of anesthesiology. To discuss new agents, techniques, and controversies in the field, assisting the participant in preparing better patient care plans.


Sunday, January 31  
5:00-6:30 PM                   Registration and Welcome Reception for Attendee and Spouse/Guest
Monday, February 1  
7:00 AM   Dr. Rosenblatt Decision Making in Airway Management
8:00 AM Dr. Tung Managing Intraoperative Volume and Hemodynamics: What's
New in 2021?
4:30 PM Dr. Schell Perioperative Diastolic Dysfunction: Beyond the Squeeze!
5:30 PM Dr. Tsen What's New and Novel in Labor Analgesia
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Rosenblatt, Schell, Tsen, and Tung
Tuesday, February 2  
7:00 AM Dr. Dutton Anesthesia and COVID-19
8:00 AM Dr. Rosenblatt Advanced Airway Evaluation
4:30 PM Dr. Tsen Optimizing Cardiac Assessment in Obstetric Anesthesia
5:30 PM Dr. Dutton Hemostatic Resuscitation
6:30 PM Dr. Tung Anesthesia for Patients with Stenotic Heart Disease
Wednesday, February 3  
7:00 AM Dr. Dutton Tales from the Sharp End: Reports from the Anesthesia Incident Reporting System
8:00 AM Dr. Tsen Motivating the Rat: Managing the Disruptive Co-Worker
4:30 PM Dr. Tung Mechanical Ventilation
5:30 PM Dr. Rosenblatt Awake Intubation with the Flexible Intubation Scope
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Dutton, Rosenblatt, Tsen, and Tung
Thursday, February 4  
7:00 AM Dr. Tsen General Anesthesia in Obstetrics: Reducing the Risks
8:00 AM Dr. Dutton Quality in Anesthesiology
4:30 PM Dr. Rosenblatt Advances in Indirect Laryngoscopy and Supraglottic Airways 
5:30 PM Dr. Tung Can We Do Anything About Perioperative AKI?
6:30 PM Panel Discussion Drs. Dutton, Gatling, Rosenblatt, Tsen, and Tung
Friday, February 5  
7:00 AM Dr. Schell Getting the Most from Your Preoperative Echocardiogram: Findings
That Make You Go Hmm!
8:00 AM Dr. Rosenblatt Invasive Airway Rescue and Difficult Extubation

*Please note that the lecture topics and/or schedule may change if necessary.