Excellence in Anesthesia CME, Presented at Some of the World's Finest Resorts


Aspen Anesthesia Seminar

January 28 - February 4, 2023 at the Viceroy Snowmass Resort

Check out our discounted car rental prices below, or it could be a great year to take advantage of competetive prices for flying into Aspen, to take away your need for shuttle rides or car rentals as Aspen/Snowmass has awesome free transportation!

When flying to attend the Aspen Anesthesia Conference there are three destination airports that are commonly used by our attendees:

1. Aspen Airport
The Aspen airport (ASE) is 8 miles from Snowmass (about a 15 minute drive), and is only served by United, Delta, and American Airlines, so it's more important than ever to book your airfare early to get the best rates and help ensure availability! Most United Airlines flights require a transfer in Denver, but there are direct flights from LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston. Delta Airlines offers direct flights from Atlanta and LA. American Airlines offers direct flights from Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth. If you have the choice, we really recommend booking United instead of American flights, as United has better odds of landing planes than American, American cancels more flights than United and more often diverts flights to Grand Junction where busing over is involved, and United has many more flights a day so if weather causes rescheduling you have a lot more options than Delta or American. Winter storms can delay arrivals & departures, but that is less of a problem since the airport systems have been upgraded and is usually better than driving in inclement weather. Most Hotels/Condos offer courtesy shuttle transportation to/from the Aspen airport, making this a convenient option. A free transportation system in the area allows the option of not renting a car.

HERTZ offers excellent discounted rates for those of our group arriving in any of the regional airports - our group discount is better than that offered by United! You can book your car rental by using the online link below or call 1-800-654-2240 and provide the discount CDP # 1961948. When you use this CDP # you will also qualify for these additional benefits: 
-Complimentary Hertz Gold Membership: To sign up go to hbrgold.hertz.com, enter Holiday Seminars as company name, enter discount CDP # 1961948, enter pin code: hbrgold (Note that when registering, you only have to enter CDP # on first page; don't enter it again on second page, it is already stored), click "Submit", click "Join Now for Free", enter personal info and preferences and click "Continue", accept the terms and conditions and click "Continue" to generate your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards™ number
-Earn Free Days Through Hertz Gold Plus Rewards: To earn points edit your Membership Details in your Hertz Gold profile and check the box "Hertz Gold Plus Rewards"
-Use This CDP # for Discounts on Personal Travel Every Time You Need to Rent a Car
Call Hertz Customer Service with Gold Membership/Rewards questions at 1-800-654-4405, or email hertzbusinessrewards@hertz.com

Click Here To Book a 2023 Hertz Car Rental Discount Online - You Must Enter In the Discount Code as Follows:
-On the home page click on "Add a Discount Code" (in blue at top of where you enter your pickup location and dates)
-In the "Corporate Discount Code" section enter the CDP # 1961948
-Then select "Business" for your trip type to get additional benefits such as an extra driver and more (not "Leisure")
-Click the Apply button to apply the discounts and proceed with your reservation

AVIS in Aspen cannot currently offer group discounts due to car shortages. We recommend checking our discounted rates with Hertz, or it could be a great year to fly into Aspen and save money on car rentals as Aspen/Snowmass has awesome free transportation!

For those with lodging that does not include free Aspen airport shuttle service to/from Snowmass (see the Aspen Lodging page on this website for more details), taxis are available at the Aspen airport.  The typical cost for a taxi between the Aspen airport and Snowmass is around $40-45.  

2. Eagle/Vail Airport 
The Eagle/Vail airport (EGE) is 70 miles from Aspen/Snowmass (about a 1 3/4 hour drive), and is served by most major airlines. It is in a large valley and not as commonly affected by storms. This airport is served by larger wide body jets.

HERTZ offers excellent discounted rates for our attendees arriving in Eagle/Vail - see HERTZ details above.

AVIS also offers discounted rates for those of our group arriving in Eagle/Vail. 2023 Prices - Full Size Sedan: Regularly $321/wk is $279/wk; 4WD-Standard SUV: Regularly $599/wk is $429/wk; 4WD-Full Size SUV: Regularly $1,235/wk is $899/wk. Make reservations in advance by calling 970-524-7571. You must ask to speak directly with the manager, Ms. Kim Dirker, and identify yourself as attending the Aspen Anesthesia seminar to obtain the above rates.

Shuttle service between Aspen/Snowmass and Eagle/Vail is available from Roaring Fork Express for shared or private shuttles. To book call 1-800-822-4844 or use the online link below. Pricing is available on the link below. 

3. Denver Airport
The Denver airport (DEN) is 220 miles from Aspen/Snowmass via I-70 and Hwy 82, which is a 3½ - 4 hour drive depending on road conditions (more in inclement weather!), and it is served by most major airlines. East of the Rockies, it is rarely closed due to weather.

HERTZ offers excellent discounted rates for our attendees arriving in Denver - see HERTZ details above.

Shuttle service between Aspen/Snowmass and Denver is available from Roaring Fork Express for shared or private shuttles. To book call 1-800-822-4844 or use the online link below. Pricing is available on the link below.

Click Here To Book a Roaring Fork Express Airport Transfer Online

While in Aspen/Snowmass, there is no need for a rental car. Snowmass Village has a free shuttle service that begins at 7:00 am and runs until after midnight.

Excellent free shuttle bus transportation is offered between the four ski mountains through the Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA), which provides free bus service between Aspen and Snowmass from 6:15 AM - 2:15 AM. Using the free bus transportation eliminates having to deal with parking hassles, so it is a highly recommended and great option. Taxis are also available. Taxis will be waiting at the airport and can be found in the streets of Aspen, but in Snowmass you need to call ahead. On busy nights call 30-60 minutes in advance. It is even recommended to call 15-20 minutes ahead in Aspen to avoid waiting. Call 970-925-TAXI (8294) or 970-925-2400.